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June 2019 –

On behalf of the RE-AIM Workgroup, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract for possible publication in
Frontiers in Public Health’s Research Topic “Use of the RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Novel applications, lessons learned, and emerging directions.” You may click here for additional information and you may click here to reach the journal to complete an abstract submission

Frontiers in Public Health – Health Education and Promotion

Launch Date: April 2019
Submission Deadline: October 2019
Guest Editors:
 National Working Group on RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework (www.re-aim.org)
 Russell E. Glasgow (RUSSELL.GLASGOW@ucdenver.edu)
 Samantha Harden (harden.samantha@vt.edu)
 Bridget Gaglio (bgaglio@pcori.org)
 Borsika A. Rabin (borsika.a.rabin@gmail.com)
 Marcia G. Ory (mory@tamhsc.edu)
 Matthew Lee Smith (matthew.smith@tamhsc.edu)
 Paul A. Estabrooks (paul.estabrooks@unmc.edu)

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Please send comments and suggestions or your own RE-AIM related work for inclusion on the site to Samantha Harden.