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This month we want to bring to your attention a new resource for re-thinking clinical trails from the NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center.
“These resources are being shared with the research community to provide guidance about building partnerships with health systems and overcoming the challenges of conducting embedded pragmatic clinical trials (ePCTs). The materials reflect the knowledge, insight, and best practices acquired by the NIH Collaboratory program and its Demonstration Projects.” 

Resources include:

    • Materials from the inaugural ePCT Training Workshop held in February 2018 to provide training to mid- and senior-level investigators interested in conducting ePCTs
    • A slide presentation of the NIH Collaboratory‚Äôs goals and organizational structure along with a brief introduction to each Demonstration Project
    • An infographic introducing the elements of the NIH Collaboratory program and the value of engaging in pragmatic research
    • A slide presentation and worksheet on essential things to think about and do when designing, conducting, and disseminating ePCTs
    • An introductory video from NIH Collaboratory leadership on the rationale and aims for the ePCT training resources NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center

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