RE-AIM Research Opportunity

RE-AIM in Community and Clinic Settings

We are interested in hearing from investigators, agencies and practitioners conducting programs in clinical and community settings that have a primary goal to have a broad impact on community health or solve local health issues (rather than to advance science in controlled well-funded research).

Specifically, we are looking to connect with programs who have used the RE-AIM program planning and evaluation framework. Our goal is to learn more about how such programs use RE-AIM- in settings that do not have large NIH level evaluation budgets. The goal is to evaluate the usefulness of the model and resources available to guide application of RE-AIM in ‘real world’ settings.

We have developed a brief survey to help us identify who might have used RE-AIM, and connect with program leaders who may be willing to speak with us further. Email Hannah McGinnis to learn more at

Alternatively, we are happy to receive e-mails of others we should contact or to have a brief phone call to discuss this.

If questions, please contact

Best and thank you in advance for your assistance!

Russ Glasgow, PhD

Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH

Paul Estabrooks, PhD

Marcia Ory, PhD

Jeanette Waxmonsky, PhD

Hannah McGinnes, BS (contact for interview)

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