This site provides an explanation of and resources for those wanting to apply the RE-AIM framework. The RE-AIM framework is designed to enhance the quality, speed, and public health impact of efforts to translate research into practice in five steps:

  • Reach your intended target population
  • Efficacy ( or more often effectiveness)
  • Adoption by target staff, settings, systems or communities
  • Implementation consistency, costs, and adaptations made during delivery
  • Maintenance of intervention effects in individuals and settings over time

One of the founders of RE-AIM, Dr. Russ Glasgow, has an instructional video that describes RE-AIM that can be found here by clicking the image below!

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Among the RE-AIM website features are:

Publications using the RE-AIM Framework

Based on Pub-Med Literature Search

Please send comments and suggestions or your own RE-AIM related work for inclusion on the site to Samantha Harden