July 2020 Frontiers Publication Spotlight-4

The following blog post is the fourth in our journey through the special edition of RE-AIM in the Frontiers in Public Health special issue! The article titled “National Working Group on the RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Goals, Resources, and Future Directions” written by the National Steering Committee for the RE-AIM Framework, highlights the strategies for dissemination and resource development for to improve uptake and use of RE-AIM at a larger scale. We, the National Steering Committee, are aware that the demand for RE-AIM use is on the rise but we are limited in our supply to help with every single request (consults, presentations, workshops, etc.). Therefore, as this article mentions, we are actively working on 1) New RE-AIM website resources: we are preparing tools, guidance, and resources for individuals like you, to use in your own projects, and 2) Dissemination strategies: including the use of this very website, presentations/webinars, and soon more consistent email updates (sign up to the right side of your screen!). Through these dissemination efforts, we are hoping to address some of the demand for RE-AIM related support! To read more about this work, please click the image below to read the full text!

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