Dimension or Issue Key questions (ones in bold most important to consider) Probes and follow-up questions

How consistently will you deliver the program or policy?


How will the initiative be delivered, including adjustments and adaptations? What are the key elements of the initiative that must be delivered to be successful?

To what extent will the key aspects of the program or policy be delivered as intended?


How will you assess program delivery (self-report, audit, checklists)?

Describe the feasibility of these methods.

What adaptations or modifications do you think will be necessary to help implement the initiative to fit your different settings? What are likely implementation challenges you will need to overcome?
How will you know what adaptations or modifications were made during the program? Who can help you keep track of modifications or adjustments made?
  What are some of the possible obstacles to consistent implementation? Are there competing projects or programs to consider?
What costs and resources (including time and burden, not just money) need to be considered? Are these costs and resources available and reasonable to ask for (high enough priority?)

Tips to improve Implementation

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